Student Evaluations

Selected Student Evaluations

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

“I absolutely loved the class discussions and the service learning portion. Overall, the class was informative and challenging.  You are one of the best professors here on campus, and my new favorite. You work hard to know your content and know how to relay that information in a way that can be understood. You are available for any and all questions and have an answer for us almost immediately. I appreciate all of that, and wish that I could have more classes with you. But for now, thank you.”

“I’m not a huge science fan but he made me want to learn more.  He made it fun to where I was learning something. He was willing to work with people and his teaching style was good. He made sure we understood his work and feedback.”

“Very open to answer questions.  I really enjoyed the environment and encouragement to participate, crtically think and assess. This was a great class; not only very useful, but enjoyable as well.”

“He really helped me when I was struggling.  He wants us to succeed.  He is passionate about science and has great content knowledge.”

Durham Technical Community College

“Mr. Tarasi was very good about answering e-mails quickly and allowing students to ask questions or meet after class for questions. He was enthusiastic about the material he was teaching, which made it more enjoyable to learn. Also, he allowed for students to have short discussions during class, then explain our choices in certain scenarios. This let students hear opinions from multiple people, not just the professor. His notes were very concise and his class actually persuaded me to change my major to one focused in nature conservation and sustainability! Thanks Mr. Tarasi!”

“He allows students multiple opportunities to participate and ask any questions which they may have. He also utilizes technology in order to effectively transition through concepts discussed throughout lecture. Overall, I have enjoyed being one of Professor Tarasi’s students and would highly recommend him to any student interested in taking an elective science course.”

“Strangely, Mr. Tarasi is the best instructor I’ve ever had. I say “strangely,” because I just wasn’t expecting it from him when we first started the course. I was anticipating a novice instructor, who would be way too nice and grade easy in order to win our favor, who would fail to get us to listen, who would let us talk over him, and who would not be able to time his lectures appropriately. Instead, Mr. Tarasi is the most organized professor Durham Tech has, hands down. (we followed the very-specific course syllabus at every single point of the semester, this is something that professors who have had the same syllabus for fifty years can’t even manage.) Mr. Tarasi also had the perfect blend of being very strict and serious so that we were never goofing off and were always listening, but not too stern to the extent that we were anxious in the classroom or uncomfortable communicating with him. His grading is pretty fair – the exams are easy if you listen and study, but on the flip side, they’re extremely difficult if you skipped class and didn’t bother to check the powerpoints. Great teacher, great class. A++.”

“I have been incredibly impressed with this course and the instructor. He is incredibly well versed in environmental biology and when we have labs outside he was able to explain the different species of plants we were surrounded by and barely was there ever a moment where he could not answer a question that we asked him.”

UNC-Chapel Hill

“I think Dennis was an excellent TA. He was always extremely helpful. He didn’t tell you the right answer immediately when you had a question, but let you get to it yourself. The introductions helped me understand the systems as a whole and clarified things that were vague in the lab manual. He was always very helpful.”

“It was always easy to understand him. He recognizes potential areas of confusion and mentions them before we even start. I always felt comfortable approaching him with questions. He is patient and reassures students that they can keep asking. He cared about the lightbulb moments and didn’t just tell me the answer, but let me think.”

“You are the most helpful TA I have had here at UNC. You are very approachable and willing to help us understand. It was helpful to see demonstrations and which identifications were trickier to understand. It was really awesome getting grades back so quickly. Good job!”

“I’m really glad I had this TA because lab was very chill, and I learned a lot not just from the manual but the TA himself. He always made sure we knew as much as we should and was always ready to answer questions. I always knew what would be on the exams and his grading was very prompt.”

“Great TA. Thanks for making this experience enjoyable. Very knowledgeable! I asked numerous questions during lab and was helped promptly. I was very comfortable asking questions, and he always wanted us to succeed. I really appreciate his prompt and fair grading. I cannot think of any exercises that weren’t beneficial or didn’t help me to understand the material.”

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